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Consumer to Manufacturer eCommerce

Let’s start with the basics. Until now commerce relied on a long and complex chain of distributors and wholesalers to deliver goods to consumers. When it comes to eCommerce, customers purchase products from retailers online. Since the dawn of the direct-to-customer business model, online orders are also made directly from brands. The art of sales therefore really is the art of marketing, which means to communicate and promote the offerings to the customers at the right time, on the right channel and with the right message. Long established proven models are 4 Ps and 7 Ps alongside well-known conversion funnels.


C2M: Strategic Opportunity for Manufacturers

Today we would like to introduce you to Consumer-to-Manufacturer, the new eCommerce business model that drives eCommerce growth in the USA and China alike. In 2019, $420 million worth of C2M-related bookings and sales were made in a single day during China’s Double Twelve shopping day. According to data from iResearch, this figure reached $2.5 billion in 2018. Forecast shows it will reach $6 billion by 2022. This sustainable commerce approach captured the attention of many manufacturers and brands alike. Let us take a step back to understand what C2M is and how it can be successfully implemented.


Consumer-to-Manufacturer Modelles

The Consumer-to-Manufacturer model sees manufacturers building eCommerce capabilities to serve the needs and wants of consumers, thereby offering high quality products at lower prices than the usual products sold by retailers and D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) brands alike. It also connects designers and manufacturers, and provides users with “big brand quality, factory price” products.

Individual shop systems, on the other hand, offer extensive possibilities, functionalities and interfaces to internal company infrastructure, such as ERP, PIM, CRM and WMS systems, to name but a few. More design possibilities for the brand presence under one domain, a wide variety of payment methods and online sales in several countries in different languages are sound reasons for the professional solution. Online marketing, sales and customer data can thus be fully exploited. Especially strong regional and international companies follow this approach to strengthen their existing brand presence and customer relationships. Furthermore, it allows a holistic B2B marketing approach to be fully deployed.


Next Commerce - Unlock your business potential


How to Get Started

Next Commerce helps manufacturers such as OEMs, ODMs and OBMs to connect with shoppers and sell their goods online without any IT effort or competitive exposure as we see on online marketplaces. Manufacturers can get started within 24 hours, reduce time-to-market and cut inventories. At the heart of the Next Commerce C2M model is the Buy Now Page. It allows manufacturers to sell directly to consumers and focus on production. Activities such as marketing, customer service and logistics can be outsourced to Next Commerce.

Next Commerce - Consumer to Manufacturer


Next Commerce – Consumer to Manufacturer


Customer Centricity

A more interknit relationship between consumer and brand manufacturers is almost impossible. The C2M model focuses on user-centricity and allows for the catering of individual needs or an exchange of both parties even before the product is being produced. The customer becomes part of the overall experience. A new relationship is being forged.

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