Buy Now Editor

We have made online selling a breeze. With our online Buy Now Editor, you can create online offers in just a few clicks. The online offer contains all relevant product information, the selling price, delivery conditions as well as a payment function. Provide your customers the ultimate brand buying experience by configuring individualised offers with a personal message. 


Online Selling Made Easy

Create, share and sell online in just a few clicks

Buy Now Editor

Offer Configurator

The Next Commerce Buy Now Editor offers you total flexibility to create standard sales and marketing offers as well as sales promotions, marketing campaigns or personalised offers for service use cases.

Insights: Access All Buyer Information

All buyer data are readily accessible. Learn who bought your products when, through which channel and via which sales partner.

Online Sales Promotions

The intuitive editor allows every sales team member to quickly create online offers and promotions for an enjoyable customer online buying experience. 

Tailor-made quotes with a personalised message improves your conversions and customer satisfaction while promoting your own brand. Simply add the link to the Buy Now Page in an email or add a QR Code to your letter.

Next Commerce - Online Sales Promotion
Next Commerce - Online Marketing Promotions

Marketing Campaigns

When it comes to the essentials, the Buy Now Editor helps you measure the success of your online and offline marketing campaigns. Add various campaign parameters to help you track different marketing campaigns across all your sales and marketing channels, such as print media, social media, websites + apps, email newsletter and many more.

Extract critical data on individual sales conversions to understand when your customers convert. Measure the return-of-investment of your marketing campaigns, regardless if you sell directly or via your worldwide dealer network.

Customer Service Offers

Customer Service Offers include things such as repairs, spare parts, supplements as well we subscription-based payment models for which individual and personalised offers are mission-critical to provide a best-in-class customer service. 

The Next Commerce Buy Now Editor is the best platform to deliver a unique brand experience across all customer-facing touchpoints. You can even extend limited access rights to external customer service centres to create personalised offers.

Next Commerce - Online Configurator
Next Commerce - Buy Now Page splash

Deliver Brand Buying Experiences

The Next Commerce Brand Commerce Platform enables you to deliver a brand buying experience to match your brand value.

Brand values are based on trust, performance and design.

We pride ourselves being the trusted partner of some of the world’s leading brands becasue we make brand products shopable by preserving the brand identity. 


Online Selling Made Easy

Dealer Online Sales Made Easy

Our proprietary Next Commerce platform features the easiest and fastest solution to increase your sales via dealers. Add your authorised dealers in just a few clicks to all your sales and marketing campaigns. Simply register your dealers on Next Commerce to get started in minutes. Keep full control of your brand assets by assigning products, sales countries and more. Access sales performance and customer data and turn insights into action.

Brand Commerce

Deliver a unique shopping experience in your brand’s look & feel.

Dealer Integration

Dealer Online Sales

Increase your sales via your worldwide dealer network with Next Commerce.

Insightful Use Cases

Discover insightful use cases how Next Commerce empowers many businesses