Create Your Own Buy Now Page

Create seamless shopping experiences for your customers and only compete with yourself for brand space. Deliver brand, product and sales information to your customers on a single Buy Now page. Integrate authorised sales partner across the globe or sell directly to your customers. Or even better…do both. The Buy Now Page is the unique place that combines all these elements for you and your customers. Even better still, you can easily share or integrate your Buy Now offers into all your sales and marketing activities across all channels.


Online selling made easy

Deliver competition-free brand buying experiences

Customers hate friction. At Next Commerce we do too. That is why we have added a checkout into the Buy Now page. Benefit from a frictionless buyer journey with a high conversion rate. Add products to sell. Select selling countries. Share the Buy Now offer with your customers. Sell directly or via your sales partners.

Buy Now Page


  • Add products / Services
  • Sales countries
  • Number of Transactions
  • Start/End date

— optionally —

  • Name of Buy Now offer
  • Personalised message
  • Internal Comments
  • Sales discounts
  • Campaign information
  • Offer labels (e.g. New, Exclusive, Bundle Offer)
  • Timer details 
  • …and more

Share Buy Now Links Online

  • Website + App (API) integration
  • Social media
  • Email newsletter
  • Direct selling + personalised offers
  • Product finder + configurator
  • Online Communities

Share Buy Now QR Codes Offline

  • Print media
  • Digital signage
  • Guerilla Marketing
  • Packaging
  • Events
  • Trade shows + Exhibitions


  • Products + Services
  • Repairs + Spare parts
  • Digital items (e.g. eBooks, Memberships)
  • Online Trainings + Seminars


Online selling made easy

Deliver Unique Buying Experiences

Create personalised Buy Now offers for an individual person or business

Reach Your Target Audiences

Create public Buy Now offers for everyone to buy

Measure Marketing ROI

Share Buy Now offers across online channels

Run Targeted Sales Promotions

Share Buy Now offers Locally or Globally


Online selling made easy

Next Commerce - QR Code

Your Tools:

  • Branded QR codes
  • Branded Shortlinks

Elegant Solution with Powerful Technology

Customers hate friction. At Next Commerce we do too. That is why we provide you with a customized QR code and shortlink for every Buy Now Page offer you create. Now you have the full power to choose how and where to convert your customer engagement into online sales. Empower external service centers or internal salesforce members to serve your customers with tailored offers. Communicate your offering across offline and online media. Unleash your personalized shopping experience!

Next Commerce - Sell directly

Your Tools:

  • Customizable White-label solution
  • Easy Product & media asset upload
  • Fast Dealer integration

Deliver Unique Shopping Experiences

Next Commerce delivers unique shopping experiences to meet your brand’s ambitions. Compete only with yourself for brand space and wow your audience with rich media assets. Add labels to your bestsellers, new products, bundles and promotions. The Buy Now Page has it all covered. Integrate authorized sellers across the globe and let your customers choose their preferred seller.  B2B clients can also download the offer for internal processes. Your customers will love it!

Next Commerce - PSP Escrow Account

Your Tools:

  • integrated on-page checkout
  • secure transactions with
    Integrated fraud protection 

200+ Payment Methods for the Moment of Truth

We deliver the Next Commerce experience. At the moment of truth we offer your customers over 200 payment methods to choose from. With a broad choice of local, regional and global payment methods there is nothing else to wish for. Installments? We have it covered too. Online-based, card-based, wallet-based online banking and invoice payments including integrated risk management ticks all the boxes to ensure successful and reliable transactions on all devices. > Next Commerce enables worldwide online selling.

Start Your Journey Now!


Unique Brand Experience

The Buy Now Page delivers a unique shopping experience with your brand’s look & feel.


Integrate Dealers

Authorized dealers of original brand products are available at a fingertip.


Frictionless Journey

Deliver a frictionless end-to-end shopping experience that delights  your customers.