The New Way to Sell Online.
Buy Now Pages.

Create a seamless shopping experience and offer your customers everything they need to make a purchase decision: detailed product information, available sales partners, transparent prices and a checkout with all relevant payment methods. The Buy Now Page is the perfect landing page for all your sales and marketing activities.


Together More Success

Buy Now Pages - How It Works

Buy Now Pages offer you more speed and flexibility to grow your sales through your distributor network. The setup is extremely fast, distributor integration is seamless and online selling happens without any competitors.

Buy Now Page - Intro [EN] by Next Commerce

Sell Online with Buy Now Pages

With Buy Now Pages  your customers can order your products and services online from your dealers. Create a Buy Now Pages in just 3 clicks and integrate it into your sales and marketing campaigns via link or add QR codes to your print media.

Individual Brand Design

Customise Your Buy Now Page to match your individual brand design. 

Upload Products to Sell Online

Online Selling has never been easier. Get started by uploading your products.

Automatic Translation

The powerful AI translation tool translates your content into 24 languages. 

Buy Now Page - Mobile

Integrated Checkout

Achieve the highest conversion rates with the integrated payment checkout.

Sell online & Offline

We offer you all the tools to sell your products through any channel.

Buy Now Offer labels

Add labels such as Promotion, Bundle Offer, Exclusive Deal and many more.

customise your Buy Now Page

Buy Now Pages

Dealer integration Made Easy

Dealer Integration

Buy Now Pages: Building blocks

Company Profile

The company profile is your business card. Sharpen your brand presence with your brand logo. Add “About Us” and your “Value Proposition”. 

White Label

Our white label platform is ideally suited for brand manufacturers, multi-vendor brands, organisations, cities and other partners.

Contact Details

Show your personal side. A profile picture, name, job title and contact details are displayed. Optionally, you can store a personalised message for your customers.

Products + Services

Select products and services from your range and add them to your Buy Now Offer. Determine the number of items to sell and the number of possible customer transactions – one-time, limited or infinite.

Recommended Retail Prices

Manufacturer price recommendations continue to be very popular with customers – at home and abroad. Your integrated sales partners set their own sales prices on their own responsibility.

Offer Label

New, Bundle Offer, Promotion, Exclusive…add individual offer labels to your Buy Now Offers. Your customers will be especially pleased with special promotions or personalised offers.

Online Checkout

Create an unlimited number of Buy Now Offers – with one or many products. Your customers can easily order the products online. We offer online checkouts for private and business customers.

Relevant Payment Methods

The Buy Now Offer page features an integrated checkout. All common payment methods such as bank wire transfer, credit cards, online banking, eWallets, etc. are available as well as worldwide currencies.

Logistics Control

Each sales partner can store different delivery prices and delivery times for every region. Offering services without shipping costs is also possible. In addition, return periods can be set.


Together More Success

More Features

Automatic Translations

The automatic translation function translates your content flawlessly into 24 languages. This allows you to sell Buy Now Offers worldwide – directly or through your integrated distribution partners.

Integrated Payment Provider

Payment transactions are of course Bafin and EU-compliant with the help of a globally renowned and leading payment service provider. We enable additional currencies upon individual request.

Access to all Buyer Data

Through the Next Commerce portal you can access all buyer data – even if the transactions was done via your sales partner. Also, gain insights about sales and marketing performance data.

GDPR Conformity

The hosting is provided by Hetzner, one of the leading hosting service providers in Europe. All data and backup are stored in a dedicated Next Commerce server in Frankfurt.

Legal Regulations

We work together with experienced lawyers and data protection officers. We are also happy to provide you with GTCs and other documents.

Consulting & Cooperations

We are a pioneer for brand commerce. Our entire know-how and experience is available to our customers without restriction. 


Together More Success

Online Selling Made Easy

Customers hate friction. At Next Commerce we do too. That is why we have added a checkout into the Buy Now Offer. Benefit from a frictionless buyer journey with a high conversion rate. Add products to sell. Select selling countries. Share your Buy Now Offer with your customers. Sell directly or through your sales partners.

Deliver Unique Brand Buying Experiences

Create personalised Buy Now Pages

Reach Your Target Audience Everywhere

Create Buy Now Pages for everyone

Measure Your ROAS

Deliver successful marketing campaigns

Worldwide Online Selling

Sell internationally with Buy Now Pages


Together More Success

Next Commerce - QR Code

Your Tools:

  • QR codes
  • Shortlinks

Powerful Technology

Customers hate friction. At Next Commerce we do too. That is why we provide you with a customized QR code and shortlink for every Buy Now Page offer you create. Now you have the full power to choose how and where to convert your customer engagement into online sales. Empower external service centers or internal salesforce members to serve your customers with tailored offers. Communicate your offering across offline and online media. Unleash your personalized shopping experience!

Next Commerce - Sell directly

Your Tools:

  • White-label solution
  • Easy Product upload
  • Fast Dealer integration

Brand Buying Experiences

Next Commerce delivers unique shopping experiences to meet your brand’s ambitions. Compete only with yourself for brand space and wow your audience with rich media assets. Add labels to your bestsellers, new products, bundles and promotions. The Buy Now Page has it all covered. Integrate authorized sellers across the globe and let your customers choose their preferred seller.  B2B clients can also download the offer for internal processes. Your customers will love it!

Next Commerce - PSP Escrow Account

Your Tools:

  • integrated checkout
  • secure transactions

The Moment of Truth

We deliver the Next Commerce experience. At the moment of truth we offer your customers over 200 payment methods to choose from. With a broad choice of local, regional and global payment methods there is nothing else to wish for. Installments? We have it covered too. Online-based, card-based, wallet-based online banking and invoice payments including integrated risk management ticks all the boxes to ensure successful and reliable transactions on all devices. > Next Commerce enables worldwide online selling.

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Unique Brand Experience

The Buy Now Offer delivers a unique shopping experience with your brand’s look & feel.


Increase Dealer Sales

Integrate your authorized dealers of original brand products effortlessly. Learn more about the B2B solution.


Frictionless Journey

Deliver a frictionless end-to-end shopping experience that delights  your customers.