Dealer Online Sales Made Easy

Our proprietary Commerce as a Service platform is the easiest and fastest solution to increase your sales via dealers. Simply register your dealers on Next Commerce to get started in minutes. Add your authorised dealers in just a few clicks to all your sales and marketing campaigns. Brand owners keep full control of your brand assets by assigning products, sales countries and more. Access sales performance and customer data and turn insights into action.


Together More Success

Dealer Online Sales

Dealer Integration

Register your dealers in just a few clicks. Your dealers only need to upload their products with the following attributes: availability, selling price and shipping & return information. That’s it. Turn your sales and marketing activities into turnover. Let customers choose their favourite dealer to place the online order with.

Insights: Access All Buyer Information

All buyer information are readily accessible. Know who bought your products when, where, via which sales partner and through which channel.

Dealer Online Offers

Dealer Online Offers enable dealers to create online offers with your products on their own. Give your dealers the flexibility to promote and convert customers through their own online and offline channels.

Your brand has the full control. Permit dealers to create and publish online offers or do it yourself to accelerate sales.

Easily access sales performance and customer data through the Next Commerce portal to gain insights and increase your understanding of markets and customers.

Dealer Online Offers
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Easy Dealer Setup

We offer an easy and swift dealer setup process. Ask your dealer to register through our online form. Before adding the dealer to your account we will request a authorised dealer confirmation from you as the respective brand owner.

Your brand has the full control at all time. Permit dealers to create and publish online offers or do it yourself to accelerate your sales.

International Payments

The integrated payment checkout features all relevant local and global payment methods. Offer your customers card-based, online-based, wallet-based, and invoice-based payment methods.

The integrated anti-fraud management tool comes with advanced real-time device fingerprinting, IP and email lookup solutions!  

Brand Commerce

A brand is an identity that has been built over a sustained period of time. The values are based on trust, performance and design.

Next Commerce prides itself with a unique and innovative sales and marketing solution to connect brands with customers. We make brand products shopable by preserving the brand identity. The Buy Now Offer delivers a competition-free brand buying experience.

With Next Commerce, you have the full flexibility to add Buy Now Offer online links and QR Codes to all your media formats. 

Brand Commerce allows you to control how your brand is being presented and your products being sold. Because if you don’t, you risk to lose your brand identity and value.

Promote Your Products. Sell via Dealers.

Newsletter Marketing

Promote your products & services through Email Marketing, WhatsApp and SMS Marketing. This trident of marketing communication ensures you reach every stratum of your customer demography, whenever you need to.

Social Media Marketing

Reach your target audience on social media channels and directly convert them into a frictionless buying experience. Add Buy Now links to your social media posts or directly in a message. Customers can buy your products with a single click.

Mobile Marketing

Over half of all eCommerce sales nowadays happens on mobile devices. Selling Direct-to-Customer has never been easier. With our quick Buy Now offer editor you are faster than your competitors. Let your customer Buy Now with a single click.


Community marketing offers an engaging audience in an active, non-intrusive prospect and customer conversations. Through this channel Buy Now offers can be placed in a non-intrusive and target approach to reach the right target audience.

Print Media

Print Media is a medium that sill reaches millions of people within different segments. Add QR Codes to your print media advertising like banners, newspaper, magazines, flyers and digital signage to offer customers to scan and buy your products. 

Website + Apps

Sell your products to customers from your website and apps. Buy Now offers can be integrated via API. Respond to customer inquiries with a Buy Now offer or integrate Buy Now links into your product finder tool. Contact us for more information.


Together More Success

Buy Now Button

This small but mighty button unlocks the full potential of your website, blog or partner website. Simply add the Buy Now Button to your website and turn visitors into customers. Customers can choose an integrated dealer and pay directly online without ever leaving your website. Excite your customers with a seamless customer journey. Increase your sales and dealer loyalty. The installation takes just 2 minutes.

Brand Commerce

Deliver a unique shopping experience in your brand’s look & feel.

Dealer Integration

Dealer Online Sales

Increase your sales via your worldwide dealer network with Next Commerce.

Insightful Use Cases

Discover helpful use cases how Next Commerce empowers many businesses