Accelerate your digital sales

> Next Commerce offers a cloud-based digital selling platform for B2C businesses. The innovative solution enables you to convert your offline & online customer engagement. Share Buy Now links with integrated checkout. Deliver a state-of-the-art shopping experience in your brand’s look & feel.


Together More Success

Next Commerce - Convert Your Customer Engagement

Convert Your Customer Engagement​

  • Utilize the Next Commerce toolbox to convert your customer engagement across offline & online
    touchpoints into sales
  • Create an offer in 3 clicks. On the fly or in the office
  • Share offers with your audience across all media: print, banner, newsletter, hotline, SMS, social media, other digital channels and many more
Next Commerce - Frictionless Buying Experience

Deliver Unique Experiences

  • One Page. One Shopping Experience.
  • Compete only with yourself for brand space and wow your audience with rich media assets
  • Customize the white-label solution with your brand’s look and feel
  • Add personalized messages to strengthen the customer relationship
Next Commerce - Online Selling without Online Shop

Sell Online

  • Sell directly or via integrated authorized dealers across the globe
  • Dealers are automatically added to your online offer
  • Customers can choose from over 200 available worldwide payment methods

Online selling made easy


No IT integration

We offer a cloud-based digital sales SaaS solution. Expensive and long integration projects into existing IT infrastructure is not required. Just login and start selling.


Excite Customers

Through thorough research and design-thinking approaches all B2B and B2C pain points were addressed. Accelerate your digital sales now.


Integrate Dealers

> Next Commerce provides you and your retailer/distributor network a 3-sided digital sales platform approach to convert your
customers online.

Out of Box Features:

Next Commerce - Integrated Risk Management

Integrated Risk Management

Next Commerce - 200+ payment methods

200+ ePayments Available

Next Commerce - Access Your Sales Data

Sales Performance Data

Next Commerce - BaFin approved Payment Provider

BaFin Approved Payment Provider

Next Commerce - Campaign Tracking

Add Tracking Parameters

Next Commerce - Fast & easy dealer onboarding

Fast Distributor/Retailer Onboarding

Next Commerce - Digital offers in just 3 clicks

3-click Buy Now Page creation

Next Commerce - SaaS

SaaS Cloud Solution

Next Commerce - Shopping Experience

Unique Shopping Experience


Happy Customers

Convert your offline & online customer engagement into sales and deliver a state-of-the-art shopping experience in your brand’s look & feel. Your customers will love it!