B2B Success Factors

B2B Buyers don’t want to be prospected, demo’d or closed in your ​sales process.
Next Commerce enables your business to educate,

personalize experiences and guide buyers through

a frictionless buying process.


Together More Success

Next Commerce transforms brand sales to match the way customers buy online

B2B success factors: Selling Online without channel conflict

1. Sell smarter online

2. Integrate distribution partners

3. International selling made easy

4. Be discoverable

Selling online smarter & faster than competitors

  • Through Next Commerce online selling solution your online offers reach the right customer at the right time on preferred devices and channels
  • Create online offers in only 3-clicks from wherever you are – in the office or on the fly
  • Learn how to  sell better than your competitors with the > Next Commerce B2B online sales platform.

International selling made easy

  • Choose the geographical location to which your Buy Now Page offer applies
  • Reach your potential customers across the globe and offer them local and international ePayment methods, e.g. iDeal in The Netherlands, Poli in Australia or Alipay in Asia. See all available ePayment methods here.

Integrate distribution partners to grow your sales

  • You are in full control to add authorized distributors in any market to sell your products & services
  • All predefined local and regional distributors will be automatically added to active Buy Now Pages
  • Add profile picture, name, role and contact details to the Buy Now Page offer to give the buyer the added personal touch of your brand

Be discoverable. Communicate your online offers

  • Share QR codes / shortlinks across all offline and online channels to reach all your prospects at the right moment. Excite customers during exhibitions, via print media or direct contact about your product offering. 
  • Convert your fans and followers online to buy your products by adding shortlinks to all your online product communications. This is how success is made

If you aren't selling online then you are at risk of dying slowly

Solving your pain points ​ ​> Next Commerce

B2B success factors: Personalized frictionless shopping experience

5. Focus on brand experience

6. Focus on on personalization

7. Focus on ePayments

8. Focus on simplicity

The Buy Now Page in your corporate design

  • Wow your customers with Buy Now Pages in your corporate design. The white-label solution can be easily customized
  • Deliver a consistent brand experience across different channels and now also when customer buy online from you

69% of buyers prefer online payments over POs

  • Next Commerce offers 200+ payment methods. View all online-based, card-based online banking and invoice payments here. The broad range of different ePayments will uplift your conversion rates by up to 30%. ePayments is a critical B2B success factor

Create personalized offers

  • The Next Commerce Buy Now Page offers your B2B business to create personalized offers for all your customers. Leverage personalization as success factor.
  • Add personal messages that will be displayed on the Buy Now Page.
  • Add profile picture, name, role and contact details to the Buy Now Page offer.

Online offer available as downloadable file​​

  • Next Commerce simplifies processes. Your customers can download the offer in different formats (pdf, excel). All product details and manufacturer, seller and buyer information are beautifully put together.
  • Customs entitlements are covered toocustoms tariff IDs, product attributes, country of origin and many more custom relevant information are included.

Integrating an online shop is a nightmare.
Let alone the high project costs and resource requirements across different departments.

Online Selling made easy with our SaaS cloud-based solution.

B2B success factors: Scalability without IT integration

9. SaaS cloud solution

10. Access to all sales data

11. Robust legal framework

No IT integration. Just login and go.

  • The SaaS cloud solution is ready-to-go. Simply start selling online directly or via your distribution network.
  • Time-to-market is a critical B2B success factor. Scaling into international markets too. With > Next Commerce you can do both fast and easily. Sign up today here

Legal framework and EU GDPR compliant​​

  • Next Commerce fully aligns with the 10 EU GDPR principles to ensure full compliance
  • Next Commerce has put in place stringent processes to commit ourselves to fair, transparent and lawful data processing
  •  Learn more about the > Next Commerce Conditions of Use and applicable Service Terms here

Own the sales data. No ifs. No buts.

  • The Next Commerce online selling platform offers your business full sales data transparency to turn sales data into actionable insights
  • It is that simple: create an offer. Sell directly or via your distributor. Get instant insights about Who, What, When & Where of all online sales


Unique Brand Experience

Next Commerce delivers a unique shopping experience with your brand’s look & feel.


Integrate Dealers

Authorized dealers of original brand products are available at a fingertip.


Frictionless Journey

Deliver a frictionless end-to-end shopping experience that delights  your customers.