Sell Online. On all Channels. Via Buy Now Pages.

With Next Commerce your customers can buy your products online. Create a product offer in just 3 clicks. The Buy Now page features your brand design and a payment checkout. Sell directly or integrate your worldwide sales partners. Access all customer data to gain valuable insights. Flexibly integrate the Buy Now page via link or QR Code into all your sales and marketing activities.


Online Selling Made Easy

The Buy Now Page in your brand design.

  1. Add your products & services
  2. Share the Buy Now Page via link or QR Code
  3. Sell online 

Sell Online in just 3 clicks.

Easily integrate Buy Now Pages into your marketing campaigns

Brand Commerce

A brand is a unique identity based on trust, design, performance and values. At Next Commerce we understand this and offer your brand a competition-free brand commerce environment. Our unparalleled Buy Now solution is home to countless global brands. Design your own Buy Now page according to your corporate design. Create personalised and public offers and share these with your customers offline and online. Integrate global sales partners or sell directly. Choose to sell locally, regionally or make your Buy Now offers available around the globe. It’s your brand. It’s your choice.

Buy Now Page

Here is where all the magic happens. The competition-free Buy Now page delivers a frictionless brand buying experience. Place your brand and products on placed centre-stage. Only compete with yourself for brand space. Through our innovative Buy Now page your customers can access all relevant brand, product and buying information to make an immediate buying decision. The in-built translator ensures the right message is delivered in over 20 languages. The integrated checkout with multiple currencies delivers highest conversion rates by offering all relevant global payment methods.

Sales & Marketing Campaigns

Create a Buy Now offer in just a few clicks. Every Buy Now offer created comes with a unique link and QR Code. Be in full control who can access your Buy Now offers. Communicate your Buy Now offers to the your target audience at the right time through the right channels – online & offline. The use cases vary from newsletter and social media marketing to personalized and time-limited special offers.

Access Buyer Data & Insights

Understand who bought what, when, where and through which channel and sales partner in just one click. This holy grail of buyer information and sales + marketing performance data is readily accessible for your brand’s products sold via Next Commerce. Analyse the return-of-investment of your latest marketing campaign or view who the top performaning sales partner was last month. It’s your brand. It’s your data.

Next Commerce logo

Customers hate friction. At Next Commerce we do too. That is why we have created a the Buy Now page that features your brand design, products on offer with an integrated checkout. Our mission is to help your customers buy your brand products + services without any distraction. 

Deliver Unique Buying Experiences

Reach Your Customers

Measure Your Marketing ROI

Worldwide Sales Activities

Next Commerce is the most innovative brand commerce solution that ties together brands, sellers and buyers on a Buy Now Page in a win-win-win. Unique brand experience, integrated sales partners, on-page checkout. Simply impressive!

Entrepreneurs and creators


Start Your Online Business with Next Commerce

I started my online business
with Next Commerce

I started my online selling business
with Next Commerce

I always thought I needed an Online Shop to sell online. Building an Online Shop takes too long. Then I learned about Next Commerce. I registered as an Individual Seller, uploaded my products and created Buy Now offers in just a few clicks and started selling on social media. 

Next Commerce is the most innovative solution that ties together brands, sellers and buyers on a Buy Now Page in a win-win-win.
Unique brand experience, integrated sellers, on-page checkout. Simply impressive!

Unique Brand Experience

The Buy Now Page delivers a unique shopping experience in your brand’s look & feel.

Next Commerce - Convert Your Customer Engagement

Integrate sellers

Integrate your authorized sellers worldwide at a fingertip to sell your products.

Frictionless Journey

Deliver a frictionless end-to-end shopping experience that delights  your customers.