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Brand Commerce

Brand Commerce – The new eCommerce Frontier

What is Brand Commerce and how does it fit into the terminology of eCommerce marketplaces and platforms? Matter of fact, there are no official definitions of marketplaces and platforms. Neither are there clear distinctions between the terms cross-channel, omni-channel and multi-channel. That is why we need to help ourselves with navigating through the various terms and provide some clarity.

eCommerce thought-leaders define platform ecosystems as an evolution from a marketplace setup. Outgrowing the business model of displaying a huge sortiment of branded and non-branded products and buying and selling those on the marketplace, a platform ecosystem acts as a gate-keeper to businesses to access customers. Platforms sell advertising space to brands and sellers as well as earning revenues through complementary services such as financial and logistic services. Looking far east we see Alibaba and having transformed successfully from a marketplace to a platform ecosystem. On the other hand, the likes of Amazon, ManoMano and eBay are still very much considered as online marketplaces.


Next Commerce - Sell Online without IT Effort

Next Commerce – Sell Online without IT Effort


How does Brand Commerce fit in?

Brand Commerce does not just aim to provide a seamless customer journey.  At its core, Brand Commerce is a strategic philosophy to provide customers with a consistent brand buying experience across all touchpoints, dealerships, online and offline channels as well as on any device and via voice. Brand Commerce supersedes channel conflicts with dealers and intransparent price points. This revolutionary eCommerce approach allows businesses to combine the strength of their brand’s value proposition with its existing commercial assets – those being in most cases sales & distribution networks. 

Brands are in the uncontested position to convey their emotional and functional value proposition to customers through inspirational stories, a mesmerising history and an immersive experience. On the other hand, customers more than ever expect a fascinating brand commerce experience regardless of the channel or distribution partner. 

We at Next Commerce have understood this and provide businesses with a befitting technological solution and in-house digital thought-leadership to bridge their brand commerce gap.


Next Commerce - Realise New Business Models

Next Commerce – Realise New Business Models


Brand Commerce is the new frontier in eCommerce

Next Commerce empowers businesses to sell their products and services in completely new ways. With the transformational Brand Commerce suite businesses gain access to a leading cloud-based technology platform allowing them to disrupt their industry and set new standards. Launch an integrative Brand Commerce strategic approach to sell your offerings across any channels by integrating your international distribution network and  through company-owned direct-to-consumer touchpoints.

Unleash your own brand marketplace with no additional IT effort. Build your brand commerce experience befitting your brand commerce strategy and inspire your customers wherever they get in touch with your brand – online, offline and on external partner sites. Convert customers on every channel and leverage the strength of your marketing and sales capabilities as well as your dealer sales network.


Next Commerce - Brand Marketplace with an Integrated Dealer Network

Next Commerce – Brand Marketplace with Integrated Dealers


Getting started without IT effort

At Next Commerce we understand the pivotal pain points of businesses. We offer speed in implementation, agility in sales & marketing channels and compelling business models according to your individual setup. Determine your Brand Commerce scope – we cut the cloth according to your needs. Therefore, we offer a cloud-based Brand Commerce solution to get you started in a few hours without any IT effort.

Optionally, we offer additional services to automate processes such as feed management. Most importantly, we at Next Commerce enable your business to drive tailored online and offline sales models and even explore and implement new business models with our powerful system-agnostic technology. From simple product sales and social commerce to pay-per-use models and IoT & condition-based payment models – Next Commerce has proven to be the stepping stone for many companies across various industry sectors.


The time is now

If you do not want to compromise your brand equity on online marketplaces where product choices are reduced to price points and where a myriad of online sellers compete for costly advertising space, then explore your Brand Commerce opportunities now. Turn the hands of time and establish your own Brand Commerce experience by integrating your trusted dealer network or sell directly through online and offline channels of your choice. The options are limitless. Regardless of your sales approach, Next Commerce grants you access to all customer data and helps you turn insights into improving your product offering, brand messaging as well as your sales and marketing performance.

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