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Buy Now Button

Buy Now Button – Turning website visitors into customers

One of the hardest things when you are trying to introduce a superior brand buying experience is that there are many people that believe what they are currently offering their customers is good enough. We can tell you from experience that those people are right…if it satisfies their current ambitions. But it ignores the bigger picture. 

Additionally, there are many eCommerce solutions offering that one more feature with a beautiful demo or ad to attract the attention of their clients.  

How do you win in a competitive market environment?

The question however is, how does that fit into a cohesive, larger vision to beat your competitors and allow you to sell additional thousands and millions of EUR of products a year?

To do that you have to start with the customer experience and tie it to your brand. We termed it “Brand Commerce”. At its core, Brand Commerce is a strategic philosophy to provide customers a superior and consistent brand buying experience.

A compelling customer brand buying experience

In order to deliver a compelling brand buying experience that also aligns with the values of your brand, we have developed a tiny yet powerful piece of technology, a Buy Now Button. 


Buy Now Button

Next Commerce – Buy Now Button


The Buy Now Button – explained

The Buy Now Button allows customers to choose a product, a dealer and also to pay online, all via the Buy Now Button. 

Seamless Dealer Integration

It brings the second crucial ingredient into play…your sales network. Dealerships, sales partners and the likes are not merely another sales channel, but more importantly, they amplify the brand entity and extend the brand reach. A sales network is a mission critical factor that must be enabled in order to succeed together in a competitive market environment.


Seamless dealer integration

Seamless Dealer Integration


The Buy Now Button seamlessly integrates a sales network into the brand buying experience. In effect, we turn website visitors into customers whilst leveraging your worldwide sales network to create a competitive advantage. And it does not stop here. Add the Buy Now Button to your homepage, website sidebar, blog or even partner websites. Post it on forums or guest blog posts anywhere on the web. A one-click, sales-boosting solution to take your brand to further heights!

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