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How It Works

Buy Now Page - Intro [EN] by Next Commerce


Together More Success

Buy Now Landing Page

A product page with a checkout

1. Create Buy Now Pages

Selling online has never been easier. Simply create a Buy Now Page in three clicks: 

  1. Select products
  2. Select a timeframe
  3. Add sales countries

Optionally add UTM tracking parameters to track your performance and ROAS.

P.s. Your sales partners are added automatically to the Buy Now Page if they hold your products in stock.

Buy Now Page Designs

2. Promote Your Buy Now Pages

Share your Buy Now Page across wherever you want via link:

  • Website
  • Newsletter
  • Email
  • SMS/Messengers
  • Social Media channels

…or embed a QR Code:

  • Print Media
  • YouTube
  • Webinar

Reach your customers across all online and offline channels. 

3. Generate Online Sales

Detailed product information, listed sales partners and an integrated checkout is all that your customers need to make an immediate purchase decision.

The integrated anti-fraud management tool comes with advanced real-time device fingerprinting, IP and email lookup solutions to ensure all payments are safe!

Online Selling Has Never Been Easier

No Domain Registration | No Online Shop Setup | No Web-Design | No SEO

No Web-Design

Creating an online shop costs time, money and a lot of effort. With Next Commerce you don’t need IT knowledge, your own domain or a web designer to create an online shop. Simply add products, create Buy Now Offers and sell your products online.


In order for an online shop to be found online, the search engine ranking must be optimised. This requires in-depth keyword research to optimise content, images, videos, meta tags and breadcrumbs. This is followed by off-page optimisation.

No IT Setup

Having your own online shop requires a lot of resources and internal know-how. For this reason, Next Commerce is the preferred choice for many companies to sell their products and services directly online. In addition, international sales partners can be integrated.

Start Selling Online Now!

Are you ready to sell online? Sign up now and start selling your products & services to your customers around the world!

Brand Commerce

Deliver a unique shopping experience in your brand’s look & feel.

Dealer Integration

Increase Dealer Sales

Increase your sales via your worldwide dealer network with Next Commerce.

Insightful Use Cases

Discover insightful use cases how Next Commerce empowers businesses