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Accelerating the purchase decision

Brands can now drive more sales through joint Buy Now campaigns with their sales partners. Customers can view product details, choose a distributor and place an order with just one click. Create enticing brand buying experiences to win new customers from your website, social and paid media campaigns. 

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Together More Success

Case Studies

Insights: Access All Buyer Information

All buyer data are readily accessible. Get valuable insights about who bought your products and via which sales partner.

Direct-via-Partner Commerce Guide

Customers today expect detailed product information, product availability and a Buy Now option. With Next Commerce you can now make your products shoppable from all channels.

Key Benefits

Convince at the Moment of Truth


Launch shoppable media campaigns

Develop and deploy branded Buy Now Landing Pages from the Next Commerce portal – no agency or design work required.

Drive online purchases by providing customers with a direct path to purchase from all channels, including engaging newsletters, social media campaigns and print media.

Buy Now Button sales booster


Drive Sales via Distributors

Customers will land directly on your branded Buy Now Landing Page. Customers can view your products and edit the shopping cart.

We bring your sales partners directly to the point of sale. Customers can select one distributor to proceed to the integrated checkout.

The Buy Now Dealer Locator allows customers to shop and checkout in just 3 clicks without leaving the microsite. Instant gratification is achieved with minimal friction.

Buy Now Button seamless dealer integration


Track your ROAS

You can instantly track your distributor sales. Access to customer purchase data allows you to optimise while your campaign is still active.

Extract insightful data on individual sales conversions to understand when your customers convert. Measure the return-of-ad-spend (ROAS) of your marketing campaigns through your worldwide sales partner network.

Insights: Access All Buyer Information

All buyer data are readily accessible. Get valuable insights about who bought your products and via which sales partner.

You will love it. We do too.

Create Buy Now Landing Pages in just 3 clicks. Never redirect your customers to other websites to make a purchase. Hold your own inventory or let your sales partners fulfill the orders.

The power of Buy Now Landing Pages can be leveraged through influencer brand campaigns as well as social commerce. The interactive brand shopping experience is unlike anything else and drives highest conversion rates.

Customize your Buy Now Button


Together More Success

Dealer Online Sales Made Easy

Our proprietary Next Commerce platform features the easiest and fastest solution to increase your sales via dealers. Add your authorised dealers in just a few clicks to all your sales and marketing campaigns. Simply register your dealers on Next Commerce to get started in minutes. Keep full control of your brand assets by assigning products, sales countries and more. Access sales performance and customer data and turn insights into action.

Brand Commerce

Deliver a unique shopping experience in your brand’s look & feel.

Dealer Integration

Increase Dealer Sales

Increase your sales via your worldwide dealer network with Next Commerce.

Insightful Use Cases

Discover insightful use cases how Next Commerce empowers many businesses