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We experience that each and every one of our clients has different challenges. This requires a customised service offering. This approach is as important in pricing as it is in the project consulting itself.

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Brand Account

Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses who want to sell their products & services online in their own brand layout and integrate their international sales partners as sellers.

Brand Account

Ideal for small, medium-sized and international businesses with a brand-oriented approach
Individual Quotation Upon request
  • International Online Selling
  • Offer Configurator
  • Brand Shop
  • Individual Brand Layout
  • Dealer Integration
  • Personal Account Manager

Dealer Registration

Additional Services for Dealers

Transaction fees (EUR, USD, GBP, CHF)                       3,50 %
Payment enquiry                       15,00 €
Processing fee appeal                       30,00 €
Requesting invoice mailing via post                        10,00 €
Manual processing of refunds                       20,00 €
Manual processing of chargebacks                       40,00 €
Instant PayOut                        20,00 €
Know Your Customer (KYC) verification                       35,00 €
Know Your Business (KYB) verification

                       40,00 €

Account setup support
                       75,00 €