Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? We have all the answers compiled here for you. You can find all Frequently asked questions below in the list. And if there are any which we have not answered yet…contact us and ask. We will be happy to answer you straight away.


Online selling made easy

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Next Commerce?

Next Commerce is a German-based company that offers an innovative cloud-based digital sales tool. You can create Buy Now offers with an integrated checkout. Sounds strange? It’s actually crazy cool. You will receive a dedicated Buy Now link and QR Code that you can share with your audience. Customers can access your Buy Now offer and buy online. 

Our motto: Online selling made easy

Is Next Commerce an Online Shop or a Marketplace?

Actually, Next Commerce is a Hybrid Shopsystem. It is a 2:1 digital “Buy Now” tool – an Online Shop and a Marketplace. Sell directly and via your authorized sellers. And it gets better…every “Buy Now” offer is designed in your company’s corporate design. You will love it! And your customers too!

How can I create a Buy Now offer?

It’s simple…create a new Buy Now offer in just 3 clicks. Choose one or more products, give your Buy Now offer a name, select a country from your list and click on “Publish”. That’s it.

How much does Next Commerce cost?

It is a tiny fraction of an Online Shop…get started with a low monthly fee. Contact us for more information.

Why would I use Next Commerce?

There are many smart reasons. Let’s start from the top:

  1. Sell online across the world in your brand’s look & feel without building and managing an Online Shop
  2. Sell directly to customers or let your integrated sellers do the selling (no channel-conflict!)
  3. Share or embed the Buy Now link & QR Code everywhere. Do you need ideas? Newsletters, Social Media, Email, print media, Websites…just everywhere where your customers are.
  4. Offer your customers all globally, regionally and locally relevant payment methods
  5. Get access to customer and sales performance data
  6. Still not convinced? Let’s go for more 😉
  7. Fully GDPR compliant cloud-based solution hosted in Germany
  8. Offer various currencies…EUR, USD, GBP, CHF (and more upon individual request)
  9. Multi-lingual Buy Now offers
  10. Shipping fee wizzard to manage all your sales countries

Can I register and sell via my authorized sellers?

Yes of course! There’s a registration form you will need to fill in to ensure no fraud seller registration. We will do the rest…creation of a payment account, account access + trainings and off they go.

Which Use Cases apply for using Next Commerce?

Our customers use Next Commerce for various use cases:

  • 1:1 Communication – Product and price inquiries, customer contact centers, personalized offers
  • Marketing Communication – Social Media, print media, newsletters, flyers, banners
  • External Channels – Call centers, distributors, influencers, industry experts
  • Website/App Integration – “Buy Now” button on product pages, online communities, apps, websites

How can I add my sellers to my Buy Now offers?

Your sellers will be added automatically to new digital offers if they have the items in stock for the respective countries.

How can my company sell directly?

Well that’s easy. Login with your seller credentials and create a new Buy Now offer. You will be displayed as the only available seller on your Buy Now offer.

How do I upload my product portfolio?

You can upload single products or use the bulk product upload functionality. Formats accepted include .csv and .xmls.

How do I get started?

Contact our customer success team at [email protected] or register online to get started.

Which payment methods are integrated?

Many local and regional relevant payment methods. Next Commerce offers card-based, online-based, ewallet-based and invoice-based payment methods. View the list here .

Can I get a demo?

Yes, definitely. Book a meeting. Feel free to invite any of your team members.

How do sellers receive their money?

Via our BaFin approved payment service provider. Every transaction runs through a 100% secure escrow account. After a few days it’s payout day (varies per payment method).

Can I get see how an example digital offer looks like?

Most definitely. Request a test link to a digital offer here.

Do you have an image video?

Yes of course and we love it 🙂 Enjoy

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