Realize maximum sales impact

The world has changed. It is time to take a new approach to sales. Present your customers a digital offer with a checkout instead of a boring pdf file. Personalize the digital offer, present full product, price and distribution details. Sell directly or via authorized dealers. The integrated checkout completes the frictionless buying experience in your brand’s look & feel.


Online selling made easy

Transform your sales to match the way businesses buy today

New frictionless sales process with > Next Commerce


Next Commerce - Old Sales Process

Old step-by-step sales process

B2B Buyers don't want to be prospected, demo'd or closed in your sales process.

> Next Commerce enables your business to personalize experiences and guide buyers through a frictionless buying process.

Next Commerce - Account Creation

Customer Engagement

Your brand is best positioned to transport the quality, trust and performance delivered by your products and services.  Next Commerce  provides you with the tools to convert your offline and online customer engagement  into a frictionless buying experience.

 Next Commerce value proposition:
Convert customer engagement across online and offline channels into a frictionless buying experience

> Next Commerce toolbox:

  • Share customized shortlinks across online channels
  • Embed customized QR codes into your offline communication media


Convince your audience with targeted offers delivered within the recognizable language and visual elements of your corporate identity. Customize the white-label platform and present your brand, products & services in your style. Keep your competitors out of your customer’s consideration set in this unique and innovative brand selling approach.

 Next Commerce value proposition:
Deliver an immersive B2B buying experience in your brand’s look & feel 

> Next Commerce toolbox:

  • Deliver targeted offers with integrated checkout
  • Convince B2B buyers with a mobile-first experience

Buy Now

This is the moment of truth. Choose to sell directly or integrate your distribution network. Provide full pricing and delivery transparency. We maximize your value proposition with an  integrated checkout that offers all relevant global payment methods – invoice, PayPal, credit card, eWallets, Klarna Sofort and many more.   

> Next Commerce value proposition:
Sell directly and via authorized distributors across the globe. Expand effortlessly into international markets with Next Commerce

> Next Commerce toolbox:

  • Integrate authorized distributors across the world
  • Achieve highest conversion rates with relevant payment methods

We enable worldwide online selling.

Next Commerce offers you a cloud-based digital selling platform. The innovative solution enables you to convert your offline & online customer engagement into sales. Deliver a state-of-the-art shopping experience in your brand’s look & feel.