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We have made online selling a breeze. With our online Buy Now Editor, you can create online offers in just a few clicks. The online offer contains all relevant product information, the selling price, delivery conditions as well as a payment function. Create new offers in seconds. Promote your online offers across all online platforms and let your customers buy your products with a single click.


Online Selling Made Easy

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1. Create Online Offers

Selling online has never been easier. Simply create as many online offers as you want. With the innovative Online Offer Configurator you can create individual, standard and promotional online offers.

Select products, define how long the offer is valid and publish the online offer. You can promote your online offers across all digital channels and even offline with a QR Code.

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2. Promote Your Online Offers

Over half of all eCommerce sales nowadays happens on mobile devices. Promote your Online Offers where your customers are – Social Media, Messengers, Website & Apps. You can easily reach your customers across all online channels in just a few clicks and track your marketing performance. 

3. Sell Online

The integrated payment checkout features all relevant local and global payment methods. Offer your customers card-based, online-based, wallet-based, and invoice-based payment methods.

The integrated anti-fraud management tool comes with advanced real-time device fingerprinting, IP and email lookup solutions to ensure all payments are safe!

Online Selling Has Never Been Easier

No Domain Registration | No Online Shop Setup | No Web-Design | No SEO

No Web-Design

Creating an online shop costs time, money and a lot of effort. With Next Commerce you don’t need IT knowledge, your own domain or a web designer to create an online shop. Simply add products, create Buy Now Offers and sell your products online.


In order for an online shop to be found online, the search engine ranking must be optimised. This requires in-depth keyword research to optimise content, images, videos, meta tags and breadcrumbs. This is followed by off-page optimisation.

No IT Setup

Having your own online shop requires a lot of resources and internal know-how. For this reason, Next Commerce is the preferred choice for many companies to sell their products and services directly online. In addition, international sales partners can be integrated.

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