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Dealer Online Sales

We empower businesses to drive online sales jointly with their dealers by using our innovative Buy Now solution. This innovative online selling approach ties together your brand, dealers and buyers in a win-win-win. Deliver personalized brand buying experiences across all online channels.

Enable your international sales partners to reach and convert target customers online. With a compelling brand buying experience, you can achieve the highest conversion rates. All generated customer data can be easily accessed via the online portal.


Online Selling Made Easy

Unleash Your Dealer Online Sales Potential

With our cloud-based Buy Now solution, we enable your dealers and sales partners to sell your products online in their local language and currency. With a consistent brand buying experience across all touchpoints, dealerships, online and offline channels to can now provide generate online sales through a superior customer online experience. Unleash your own brand marketplace with no additional IT effort. Learn more.

Everything You Need In One Tool

Buy Now Page Designs

Get Ready in Minutes

Get ready in minutes with Next Commerce. Our powerful Brand Commerce platform puts your brand and products centre-stage. We give you the full flexibility to sell directly or via your dealer network.

Create individual products offers or showcase your Brand Shop. Discover the full range of our online sales solutions now. 

Enable Dealer Online Sales

Selling your products & services through your dealer network has never been easier. Registering your authorised dealers just takes a few clicks. Assign products and sales countries to your dealers.

Accelerate sales by promoting your own products and sell them via your dealers. Easily access sales performance and customer data through the Next Commerce portal.

Dealer Integration
Brand Shop

Promote Your Brand Shop

Launch your Brand Shop in 3 clicks. Next Commerce offers you an integrated Brand Shop out of the box. The Brand Shop features all your listed products, services and promotions.

Let your customers access your entire product portfolio with a single click.

Personalize Experiences

Sell online in just 3 clicks. Create individual, standard or promotional offers with the easy-to-use Buy Now Editor. Simply choose one or more products you wish to sell, select the sales countries and define the period of validity.

Once you publish the offer it will be available in 24 languages – automatically. The integrated payment functionality delivers a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Offer Configurator

Power Seller Campaigns

You want to sell your products & services online? Our expert Power Sellers promote and sell your products successfully to defined target customer groups through preferred channels, timeline and budget. Our proven Power Seller strategy guarantees increased brand reach and products sales without your own Online Shop.

Next Commerce is an innovative Brand Commerce Platform that ties together brands, dealers and buyers in a win-win-win. Deliver a unique brand buying experience across all sales, marketing and after-sales customer touchpoints.

Brand Commerce

Deliver a unique shopping experience in your brand’s look & feel.

Dealer Integration

Dealer Online Sales

Increase your sales via your worldwide dealer network with Next Commerce.

Insightful Use Cases

Discover insightful use cases how Next Commerce empowers businesses

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