Brand Onboarding Guide

We made online selling easy for everyone. This Brand Onboarding Guide will help you learn how to navigate through the Next Commerce Portal. Get useful tips and view insightful videos. 


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Getting Started with Next Commerce

Next Commerce is a Brand Commerce Portal to help businesses sell their products & services online and offline. With the easy-to-use Editor you can create Online Offers in 3 clicks and share them on social media, your website, newsletters or via print media campaigns. The possibilities are endless.

1. How It Works

Get ready in minutes with Next Commerce. Once products are uploaded, you can create Online Offers in just a few clicks. Share the Online Offers on all digital channels to reach your customers everywhere. With the integrated payment solution you can sell any product or service effortlessly. Our unique Brand Commerce solution omits your competitors to put the brand and product center stage.

Access Management

Once you are getting started we will send you your Admin Account access. The Access Management and additional user profiles can be set yourself. Find a short overview of all available user roles including the respective user rights: Access Management Overview

2. Seller Setup

The Next Commerce Portal provides the Brand Owner full flexibility to assign countries to connected Seller Accounts. This ensures tight sales channel management.

Additionally, Brand Owners are able to enable Sellers to create Online Offers. 

3. How to Create a Product

The Brand is responsible for adding all product related information, such as product name, description and images. All sales related product information need to be added by the Seller Portal, such as sales price, stock and scope of delivery. To do that the Seller Portal requires the assigned Product IDs to connect the Brand Portal products. 

Download files:

4. Create Online Offers

This is how you create Online Offers. Open the Editor. Following information are mandatory:

  1. Choose a Product (or multiple)
  2. Enter an Online Offer name (for internal reference)
  3. Select a country (or multiple)

Promote your Offer and sell Online!

You can now publish your Online Offer. Furthermore, there are many more settings you can adjust as well as adding tracking tags to measure the performance of your Online Offers.

You are now ready for your online sales!

If you have further questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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