Blitz Scaling To Fuel Your Sales Growth

How do you scale really fast? The key to Blitz Scaling is speed in converting customers across online and offline channels. With the Next Commerce Blitz Scaling platform we help you in the pursuit of rapid sales growth by unlocking speed and flexibility. Learn more how to promote and sell your products successfully to defined target groups on various marketing channels. Our proven Blitz Scaling sales & marketing approach is going to increase your brand reach and sales.


Online selling made easy

Achieve Rapid Sales Growth with Blitz Scaling

Blitz Scaling is the pursuit of rapid sales growth by prioritising speed and flexibility. The primary objectives of Blitz Scaling are becoming the first company to achieve critical scale in a given market and to build enduring market leadership.

Next Commerce - Online Sales Editor

Blitz Scaling in 3 Easy Steps

No Online Shop Required!

1. Upload Products

We have made uploading and creating new products really easy. Choose between manually creating new products or performing a bulk product upload. 

2. Create Online Offers in 3 Clicks

The essence of Blitz Scaling is the ability for your Sales, Marketing and Service teams to quickly create and share online offers across every customer channel. With our proprietary Online Offer Editor you can do just that.

3. Sell Online via Buy Now Pages

Sell Products & Services online by publishing individually branded Buy Now Pages. Share your Buy Now Pages online via link or offline via QR Code. The responsive Buy Now Page provides a unique ordering experience on any device.

When to Blitz Scale?

There are a few factors that tell you whether or not it is advantageous or not to Blitz Scale. The first is, is there a first-scaler or time-to-market advantage? Does selling faster and in more flexible ways give you a competitive advantage?

The second is whether or not there is a learning curve for entering new markets or establishing new online sales channels. If you are first to enter the market or new to building an online sales channel for any given market then riding that learning curve will give you an unassailable competitive advantage.

The final thing you need to consider is competition. Blitz Scaling is about pursuing rapid sales growth by leveraging speed and flexibility.




Blitz Scaling Made Easy - Online Offer Editor

Create Buy Now Pages in a few clicks. Select one or more products, choose the sales countries and define the valid period of your online offer. That’s it! You will not publish a unique Buy Now Page with your online offer which you can share via link on social media, on your website or share print material with a QR Code.

Rapid Sales Growth

Embark on your campaign for Rapid Sales Growth with the innovative Next Commerce platform. We will share learnings and use cases how can efficiently attract and inspire customers and how you can efficiently convert that interest into transactions and long-term customer satisfaction. 

Especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are recognized as a major driving force economically. However, manufacturing companies and SMEs have often met with major difficulties in digitalization, and more specifically, in the implementation of novel industrial internet-enabled business models. We have shown time-and-tine again to successfully turn SMEs into Blitz Scaling enterprises.

Marketing Use Cases

Now It Is Your Turn

Tell us what products you wish to sell, the geographical area and preferred channels. Based on your input our highly motivated sales team will support you on your Blitz Scaling campaign. 

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