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Next Commerce offers Authorised Brand Sellers the easiest way to receive customers orders for brand products. Get connected as an Authorised Brand Seller and boost your sales.

We offer Startups and Soletraders the fastest way to sell online. Stop wasting time building an online shop. Sell your creative and innovative products and solutions to your customers across all online channels – Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest and many more channels in just a few clicks.

Authorised Sales Partners

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Private-Label Seller

Get connected as an authorised sales partner and benefit from customer orders generated by the brands. Gain access to all brands via one simple interface. No IT integration required. Optionally, you can use all Next Commerce features to create and share Buy Now offers yourself with you being the only available sales partner.

Get started as a private-label seller and sell your products and sellers to customers around the world. Simply create and share Buy Now offers and reach your target customers on all offline and online channels. The integrated checkout features all relevant payment methods and currencies to ensure highest conversion rates.

Your Benefits

Free of Charge. Forever.

Your Benefits

35 EUR Yearly License Fee.


Online Selling Made Easy

Sell online in just 3 clicks

Create and deliver frictionless shopping experiences for your customers in just 3 clicks. Sell online without an Online Shop. Upload your products and start selling to your customers via Buy Now links. Add Buy Now links to your social media posts, email marketing campaigns or directly in a WhatsApp message. The choice is yours!

Share Buy Now offers via Link + QR Code

I started my online business with Next Commerce

I always thought I needed an Online Shop to sell online. Building an Online Shop takes too long. Then I read about Next Commerce. I registered as an Individual Seller, uploaded my products and created individual Buy Now offers in just a few clicks.  So I started selling. I had already created an Instagram page to display my men's apparel like bags, wallets and belts. Since created Buy Now links on Next Commerce was so easy and fast it did not take long to add Buy Now links to all my product posts. Now my fans and customers could easily buy my products. I was great to sell that people all over Europe ordered my products. I did not even have to do any translations. There is an automatic translation button on every Buy Now page. Also, people can choose their currency. As I said, I started my online business with Next Commerce and will continue to grow it week by week.

Starting your business has never been easier!

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Competition-free online selling.

Reach your customers on all channels

Over half of all eCommerce sales nowadays happens on mobile devices. Selling Direct-to-Customer has never been easier. With our quick Buy Now offer editor you are faster than your competitors. Let your customer Buy Now with a single click.

Integrated Checkout

Create frictionless shopping experiences for your customers. The integrated checkout has all relevant and global payment methods. We offer card-based, online-based, wallet-based, and invoice-based payment methods.

No Online Shop needed. Login & Sell!

You have service or a product to sell online? All you need for your success is Next Commerce. No need to start building an online store, designing a mobile app. Just upload your products and start selling.

Integrated Checkout

Every Buy Now offer has an intergrated checkout!

You are unique. And so is your business.

With Next Commerce you do not compete with other brands for turnover. Every Buy Now offer you create will only display your product for sale. Deliver unique buying experiences and benefit from the highest conversion rates for your products.

Unique Brand Experience

The Buy Now Page delivers a unique shopping experience with your brand’s look & feel.

Integrate sellers

Integrate your authorized sellers worldwide at a fingertip to sell your products.

Frictionless Journey

Deliver a frictionless end-to-end shopping experience that delights  your customers.

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